Black and White Wednesdays : Outisde

This is probably my favorite photo from this month.  It is my middle one and we were playing outside.

I was holding up a lid for a plastic bin to block out the blotchy sun created by our patio cover.  She would look up at it every time.

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Black and White Wednesdays : Birthday Girl

This is my neighbors daughter.  It was her birthday party and she turned 3.  Such a sweetheart.  My little lovelies shared their illness with her but she did not seem to let that slow her down :)

Black and White Wednesday

Black and White Wednesdays : Polka Dots

I really don't know how I am sneaking in this post.  I took this last Wednesday and she has been sick ever since last Thursday.  Since she is learning to share she got her little sister sick and they both gave me just a touch of what they have :(  I really wish they would get better.  Nothing stresses me out more than sick kids :(  Doctor says they have adenovirus and she had it spread to her ears.

This shot reminds me of the Saturday Night Live celebrity shots when they go to commercial break :)