Black and White Wednesdays : Daddy

I took this 2.25.12.  I just love the expression of my youngest towards her daddy.

Black and White Wednesday : Macro

My youngest 5.16.2012

Got a new 4 piece Macro Lens kit.  Just screws on to my 50mm!

ISO 400

Black and White Wednesday : Calm

This is my littlest taken on 5.8.12.  I was trying to capture the booboo on her eyebrow.  She was laying on a dark couch in front of a window.  I love her calm expression.

ISO 3200 50mm f/4.5 1/250sec

Black and White Wednesday

I love capturing candid moments.  In my opinion they make for the best photos!

Here my littlest one is cracking up.  love her :)