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We have a hammock.  When our rope hammock had seen better days I thought getting a fabric one would be a good idea.  Since it does not conform to the person laying on it I always think people will roll off.  (I have a crazy paranoia, my son has had 6 broken arms and he is 8 years old)

Anywho, this is my middle daughter and she is 3 1/2.  She was laying on the hammock wanting to play and roll around on it.  I of course was trying to take a picture (and prevent her from falling of course) :)

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black and white Wednesday {got milk?}

I did a photo shoot with her mom on March 24, 2012 (she is having her first book published! The Bombshell Mommy)  Before we left her house I took a few snaps of her daughters.  We were inside but this little one was facing the window and I had my back to the window.  From the first time I saw this it reminded me of a "got milk" ad.  If only she had a milk mustache :)

Black and White Wednesday

black and white Wednesday

I am beginning to absolutely love black and whites.  I use Lightroom to make different black and white presets.  This photo is of my youngest and was exactly one month ago today 3.11.12.  She will be 2 tomorrow on 4.12.12 :)

Black and White Wednesday