I Clicked it up a Notch - 3rd Quarter Top 5

I was just looking at my photos from July, August and September and I can't believe I have to narrow it down to five.  I did not realize that with each month I found new all time favorite photos!  So here it goes... In no particular order.

1. Sophia ~ My favorite out of this bunch is the largest image.  This is my cousins only daughter and the youngest of 4! She is such a sweetheart and the camera loves her!  I wish they did not live so far away in Hong Kong so I could take her picture more often :)

2. Curious ~ This is my middle child and she is so mischievous!  This was taken the same day the above photo of Sophia was taken.  I normally take lots of pictures of faces and I love how this is different for me.
3. Brooklyn ~ This is my niece and it was taken a day after the above images.  We were attending a 4th of July celebration at her house.  She was actually very happy to be holding this tiny little dog.  I just happened to capture her in a serious moment.  I love her expression and I feel like her eyes are really saying something here. 

4. Abby ~ I have skipped the entire month of August and plenty of other photos that I love to get to these last two.  For both I was just outside my back door with the girls facing the backyard.  I wanted to take advantage of the available light.  I love how in focus and crisp her eyes turned out in this one. 
5. Sydney ~ my middle one.   aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I really could not choose between these last two.  I guess if I had to I like the candid one best but it is so hard for me to get a picture of her that is in focus (she is a girl on the go!) that I like the 2nd one too.

I guess I should feel lucky to have so many favorite photos from the past quarter.  I really like that putting together the post for Click it Up a Notch Quarterly Top 5 requires me to look through all my photos.  Makes me appreciate them and inspires me to want to take more!

*all editing and collages were done in LR.  Collages were created by me :)


Click It Up A Notch

Trendy Treehouse

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My sister came over last week and we had a rare crafty afternoon.  I made this headband out of felt and a brad.  I got the headbands at Forever 21.  They were 5 for $1.50 which I thought was pretty good :)

More Lightroom Collages and Storyboards

All images were edited using Isabelle Lafrance Photography's Soulshine Romantic Era preset (slightly modified).  I created these blog boards / story boards / collages in Lightroom in the print module.  It is so super fun and I love how they turn out.

Sweet Shot Day

show {off} your shot

This shot was just taken today and it is one of my all time favorites :)  It is my littlest one wearing a winter hat in 100+ degree weather.

and then, she {snapped}