My new lens

My husband bought me the 50mm 1.8 last weekend!  Happy Birthday to me?  My birthday is not until May but I gladly accept early presents :)  Here are a few of my favorite shots.


I had the day off work today which means I get to be with my kids and take pictures!  I took my flash off and used only natural light.  It was raining on and off so the light was limited.  The lens I used is my Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6.  I had it in manual and just played around with it.  I had to put the ISO at 800 so the images were not so dark.  The down side is they can be grainy.  I edited the photos in Lightroom and used Isabelle Lafrance Photography's Soulshine preset Holy Night.  It is available as a freebie on her blog.

I want...

I want this new lens.  I have heard a lot of great things and the images from it look amazing.  It works well with low light and seems like such a great deal for the price. I think I will sell some old baby stuff that I don't use anymore on eBay so I can justify getting it :)

Black and White

I have not mastered the low light picture taking just yet and because of that much of my indoor natural light photography is grainy.  I tend to use an ISO of 1600 or 800 to make the pictures lighter and because my subjects are always moving.  For now my subjects tend to be my 3 kids.  Here is a black and white of my youngest.  Her hand is slightly blurry but I still like the shot.  I used BW Dependable preset from Wonderland.

For this one I used Soulshine [Holy Night] then presetopia v1 Noise Reduction +1.

I Heart Faces : Best Face in February

Sydney loves shoes and hats. Especially anything that belongs to her big brother. Here she is wearing his hat. I wish this one was not as blurry as it is. Still so cute though. 


Right now I am entry #268!

I Heart Faces : Anything but a face

My entry for this week.  I just love this photo.  It's what started my photo obsession.
Photo taken at the Santa Barbara Zoo. 

Preset: Kelsey Smith Peeking