The girls are starting to play well together. There is still the occasional "no, mine!" Tonight they wanted to read books together. So precious.

Maple Mars Photo Shoot

Last Saturday I had a photo shoot with my neighbors band Maple Mars.  I brought along Lee from Alpert Photography since I am new to photography and wanted to make sure they got at least one good shot.  Rick had some great ideas and most of the photos were taken at our local park.  They have an amazing rock structure which is perfect for pictures.  I used Lightroom for all the processing.  I am going to attempt Photoshop but still need some practice.


Park play time

Here are a few pictures from our trip to my childhood park last weekend.  I would have taken more but it was ridiculously windy!  Still trying to improve the clarity of my photos.

Bed Head!

I brush Sydney's hair every night.  And every morning she wakes up with crazy bed head.  It seems like she sleeps on her head!  I have been thinking about getting her conditioner but she is only 2.  She is cute none the less :)

I made some black and whites too. Can't decide which I like better...

jump jump jump

Sydney (2 years old) almost never sits still. Quite the contrast from my oldest who is 7. When he was her age he never got into anything. We never child proofed a single cabinet. He would sit and play so nicely and cooperated when I wanted to take pictures.

I never realized how drastically different kids are! Now I wonder how #3 will be.... (she is only 9 months but I think she is already just like her sister)