I Heart Faces : Best Face Photo January

UPDATE: My entry finished 80th out of 586! :)

My daughter has a sweet tooth. Here she is eating cookies. I just love how she looks so innocent too! I am entering this in I Heart Faces Best Face Photo in January.

Abby Triptych

Abby is just 9 months old and not ready to walk. Daddy was just off to the side to make sure she did not fall on her face.

We tried to get big sister (who was in matching clothes) to take a picture next to her but she was too much of a busy body.

Preset: Kelsey Smith: Just B

Storyboard Action: The Coffeeshop


I am taking pictures of my neighbors band tomorrow so today we went outside and took some pics so I could practice. I am not totally sure about lighting and exposure. The pictures in the shade worked out much better than in the sunlight. I hope tomorrow is slightly overcast.

The Lightroom preset is from presetsheaven and is Surreal Moment.


Sweet Abby

Abby is so sweet.  Hard to capture but when I do it is so precious.