Budget Friendly Food: Pizza for Breakfast

We often have breakfast for dinner but whoever thought of having dinner for breakfast!  Read about it on my food blog :)

Budget Friendly Food: Pizza for Breakfast

Wallet Made out of Paper?

I subscribe to the daily Martha Stewart Craft email.  When I saw this craft it looked so super cute and seemed easy.  The wallet craft is by Dear Sukie and she has more posted on her etsy store.  I have yet to try it myself but when I do I will post pics :)

Paper-Vinyl Wallet

From the Martha Stewart Website

Make a charming wallet out of decorative paper and vinyl with this simple process from crafter Kristy Boucher.

Tools and Materials

  • Wallet templates one and two
  • Medium-weight scrapbook paper
  • Craft knife
  • Pencil
  • Decorative paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear vinyl (medium weight)
  • Sewing machine with non-stick presser foot
  • Sewing machine needle for vinyl
  • Coordinating thread
  • Pen
  • Snap closure

Wallet How-To
1. Print and cut wallet templates one and two from scrapbook paper. Trace templates onto decorative paper and cut out. (If desired, the pieces can be cut from different coordinating papers.) Mark the spot for the snap on the main wallet piece, as shown on the template.

2. Fold a piece of vinyl over top of short, non-rounded side of main wallet piece. Keeping edge of paper right at fold, machine-sew a line across width of paper, 1/4 inch from fold.

3. Cover pocket pieces 1, 2, and 3 with vinyl in the same way, this time folding the vinyl over the long edge of each piece of paper.

4. Fold a piece of vinyl over a short side of the wallet closure tab piece. Machine-sew through vinyl, just off the edges of the paper, all around three sides (do not sew the fold).

5. Along the bottom (non-fold) edges, line up the three pocket pieces on top of each other in numerical order (descending size). Trim vinyl on bottom edge through all pieces, leaving a little extra -- about 1/2 inch -- for sewing.

6. With a pen, mark a stitching line down the center of the assembled pocket pieces, which will divide the pockets into two card-sized sections.

7. On right (outside) side of main wallet piece, line up assembled pocket pieces to side edges, with fold of bottom pocket piece 1/4 inch below fold of main body piece. Sew along the stitching line you have marked, attaching pocket pieces onto wallet body. Sew just along the bottom edge of pockets, again securing pockets to main piece.

8. Center the closure tab on the center pocket stitching, lining up the short folded edge with the top of the stitching. Secure the opposite end of the closure tab in place on the body by carefully stitching a square with an "X" in it.

9. Lay wallet right side down, and fold up pockets to center, pressing firmly, to create a long pocket for bills. Machine-sew through the vinyl, just off the edges of the paper, all around sides and top rounded edge of wallet. Do not sew along pocket fold.

10. Trim all excess vinyl. Attach snaps to body and closure tab.


Woodland Critters paper pad available from Martha Stewart Crafts. Vinyl and all other tools and materials may be found at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Martha used a Singer Confidence sewing machine.

From The Martha Stewart Show, March 2010

I won a giveaway!

I occasionally enter giveaways.  I entered one today and won!  I get 6 yards of remnants from the Lizzy House Castle Peeps collection.

Being on leave at home with my little ones has given me the opportunity to read more blogs, sites, etc.  I came across Hawthorne Threads on Facebook and have followed their posts.  Check them out!

Chore Cards

During one of my middle of the night infant feedings I came across this blog: 320*Sycamore.  As a mom of 5 she often comes up with really good ideas.  She shared how she handles chores with her kids.  I thought since I was home for some of the summer I would adopt this idea and use it with my two older kids.  Well that did not happened as I planned but I still want to implement the chore card idea.  We have been seeing a behavioral therapist for our oldest and he suggested having structure and routine.  This would be perfect!

Here are some chore card pictures from the post on 320*Sycamore.

She shares the chore card documents here:  4Shared to download. or on Google Docs

Discovery of Lightroom

A friend of mine just introduced me to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  I can not believe I was deprived for so long!  I love love love it.

I am in my last week of maternity leave before I go back to work :(  I decided to take all 3 kinds on an outing last week.  Here are some pictures I took at the Santa Barbara Zoo on July 1st.

The first picture is of my dad on the 4th of July.

All photos were done using Kelsey Smith presets.

I just loved
these two photos.  She is a very hard one to photograph because she is always on the go.  It makes for great candid shots!

Thank you to Nicole for introducing me to Lightroom!

Kids Cupboard Organized

The only cupboard not closed off to the toddler in my kitchen is the one that houses all of the kids stuff.  Plates, bowls, sippys, stuff for sippys, sippy straws, etc.  I was having trouble figuring out an inexpensive and easy to keep it organized.  I was roaming the isles at Target picking up many different kinds of storage bins (many were kinda pricey) when I decided on the Sterilite 6qt storage bin.  It is cheap and clear so you can see what's in them.  It was also the perfect dimension for what I needed.  You can pull it out, get what you need and put it back.  It's easy for the kids too :)