2nd Burp Cloth

Here is my 2nd attempt at a burp cloth. This one is made with chocolate brown velor fabric on the back with a blue and chocolate brown damask on the front.

Baby Blue Burp Cloth

This is my first attempt at sewing. I am actually very pleased with how this turned out. The blue fabric is a little heavier than normal and the back is a white chenille. :)

Card featured on "On the Dot Creations"!

Mine is the first one :)

May 3, 2008

:: Color Scheme - Green & Black ::


I have some great Etsy items to share with you today! They all have a common color scheme: green and black. Let's get started!

Gray1 What a beautiful way to tell someone "I love you." This pretty card from Two Savvy Sisters is so stylish and sophisticated. It would be great for Mother's Day, too! Visit this great shop to see other pretty cards and tags. I really like this one, too!

Gray2 Eeeek! I must have this purse! Here is what I like about it:
First, this purse was created from a book (a real live book)! And would you just look at the wooden beads on the handle? Fabulous! The lining has pretty polka dots, too! I really hesitated to feature this today, because I fear that one of you readers might buy it. Then, I'd be forever sad. :( Maybe my husband will have mercy on my poor, pitiful soul and buy it for me. Hey, a girl can always dream! Visit the Pretty Theory shop today!

Gray3 Would you believe that these beautiful creations are actually large shipping envelopes? I've never seen anything like these! So unique and fabulous! Visit the Paper Treats Etsy shop for so many wonderful goodies! You'll be glad you did!

Gray4 Funky and fabulous! I love this necklace made of dotty acrylic beads and flocked heart beads. You will love the jewelry pieces in the Tickle Bean Etsy shop! So unique and eye-catching! Browse around there today!

Gray5 Such a fun, quirky magnet! You'll enjoy looking through the wonderful selection of magnets and buttons in The Tayler Bean Etsy shop. My son would love this Thomas the Train button!


Don't forget about my upcoming suggestion contest! Details will be revealed on Monday! Don't miss your chance to win a caffeinated prize! :)


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